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Demanded by those who have tried it!

Tried Peek Polish once, will never use another product again! Discover the endless possibilities of Peek Polish. Many objects can be renewed with Peek Polish: Peek Polish is a multi purpose polish! For example, polish lank metals with Peek Polish, the result will surely amaze you!

Poetsen, polijsten, reinigen, beschermen van vrijwel alle metalen en kunststoffen

Multifunctional action

Peek Polish is a multifunctional polish: polishes, cleans, restores and protects many materials. Polishes and buffs for example objects of aluminium, gold, silver, pewter, platinum, brass, bronze, sterling and silver plate, chrome, aluminium, magnesium, fibreglass, glass, and Perspex and... more!

Conclusion: Peek Polish can polish almost any material!


Best Value for money

The easiest and most economical product to use. Use Peek Polish to polish, buff, clean and protect of several kinds of materials. You only need one product to polish it all. No spills, residue, odor, cloth saturation or mess. There is not much polish needed to get a good result. Peek Polish leaves no streaks or odors.


Used on countless items

The most universal buffing and polishing product available. Peek can be used on many kinds of surfaces in the kitchen, garden, car, boat, scooter, bicycle, motorcycle, truck, sports, and ... more. Use Peek Polish on silverware, bar taps, faucets, chandeliers, counter tops, sinks, mirrors, porcelain, and much more. Try it! Peek Polish always comes in handy.

Peek Polish - poets en polijstmiddel voor fietsen, motors, scooters, oldtimers, auto's, vrachtwagen, keukenartikelen enz enz


Longest-lasting ingredients

Peek Polish removes such heat discoloration, oxidation, corrosion, rust, stains, dull spots and leave after brushing a protective coating. After the polish treatment it leaves an anti-oxidant protective barrier. And...Peek Polish gives the surface a shine as if it is new!


Try it and be amazed by the result!


Auto poetsen en polijsten met Peek Polish om vlekken te verwijderen van de auto Velgen van de fiets oppoetsen en polijsten met Peek Polish laat ze weer blinken als nieuw Poets chromen uitlaten en RVS onderdelen van de motor met Peek Polish om het te laten blinken! Golfclubs oppoetsen met Peek laat de vlekken en doffe plekken verdwijnen RVS stalen gootsteen oppoetsen en laten blinken als nieuw met Peek Polish!


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